Ron Henderson, founding member of Bangor Chess Club. Died 25 December 2020. RIP dear chess friend.


The Chess World has lost one of its foremost ambassadors for the game. Not only was Ron a formidable opponent who had a genuine love for the game but he was a real gentleman who inspired enthusiasm in others. I played many ‘friendly’ games with Ron in the Bangor club and I use the word ‘friendly’ in its truest sense. In the rare instance where I achieved a win, he was generous in his praise for my play. I still have a written record of one of his 1997 games for the Bangor ’A’ team (recorded in Brendan Jamison’s booklet of The Bangor Club 1996/97) in which he defeated Tom Clarke, then graded 2162. Despite Ron being then graded some 650 points less, he achieved a superb victory which has much educational value. A masterpiece - from which many could learn. I can honestly say that the phrase ‘A gentleman and a scholar’ is most apt in this case,as Ron can be seen as a role model for all younger players.

Ken Browne, 17 February 2021



On November 2nd 2019 Bangor chess club awarded club founder Ron Henderson with Honorary Life Membership.

On Sunday 2 November 2019, one of the founding members of Bangor Chess Club, Ron Henderson, was visited by Club Secretary Mark Seidman and Team Captain Gary Johnston. They presented Ron with a framed certificate of ‘Honorary Life-Time Membership of Bangor Chess Club’. He was delighted to receive the special award and expressed his sincere gratitude.


Brendan Jamison of the Ulster Chess Union said:
“Established in the 1960s, Bangor Chess Club has run continuously for over 50 years thanks to years of dedication by members such as Ron Henderson and Martin Rogers, both of whom have been honoured this year with these special awards. They are highly regarded in the chess community and all the current members are extremely grateful for the strong foundations they established to ensure the club could endure and thrive over the decades. The framed certificates are a great way to show our appreciation to these wonderful gentlemen”

Owen Wilson outlines how:

“Bangor Chess Club came about, following an ad in the Bangor Spectator, placed there by Ron Henderson in the 1960s. The ad simply asked if anyone in the Bangor area was interested in playing chess and, if so, to contact Ron. The rest, they say, is history. Martin Rogers replied in the did Eddie Webb, a local Bangor pharmacist, also, Sam Lynn, a Bangorian who was Headmaster of an intermediate school on the Antrim Road in Belfast. This foursome provided the impetus for Bangor Chess Club, and more. For example, Eddie Webb sponsored the Bangor Congress for a number of years...











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